Terms of use

1) Prices

Catalog prices are indicated in Swiss francs, net amounts. Items benefiting from a reduction are clearly specified and the price reduced accordingly directly in the catalog.

2) Availability

Stocks are maintained as best as possible. In order to guarantee instant delivery, items out of stock cannot be ordered and paid for. In case you would like to order an item out of stock, please contact us. So we can inform you as soon as possible.

3) Payment

Your payments pass through a secure payment gateway offering several known payment methods:    

- PayPal    
- Credit card

4) Delivery

Orders are delivered instantly by email, upon receipt of payment.

5) Returns, exchange and warranty

Our license keys are guaranteed new and unused and given the nature of our products, a return is absolutely not possible. However, an activation problem may occur. In this case, please contact us to explain your problem to us. We will do our best to resolve your issue, and if necessary we will replace your purchase for free. In the event that you do not wish to have the product replaced, you will receive a credit from us, the amount of which corresponds to the defective item. You can then deduct this amount from your next order.

6) Data protection

All personal data will be considered confidential. The information necessary for the management of the order will be subject to computer processing with us but will in no case be transmitted to third parties.

7) Applicable law

The applicable law is Swiss law, and any dispute will be dealt with by the District Court of Nyon (VD).